Discover Carpets with Sea Sky Exports, the best way to beautify your home!

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Sea Sky Exports was founded in 1985 by professionals with backgrounds in art and design. The legacy continues with the second and third generation who have a thorough understanding and appreciation of classical & modern architecture, paintings and interiors. Having travelled extensively in Europe US & Asia, their inspiration draws heavily on all these experiences.
The collections are entirely designed in the mature western markets by leading designers and handcrafted in our own workshop in India Using only the finest grade hand carded and hand spun wool , pure silk, Botanical silk , Bamboo silk , linen, cotton and jute. The rugs are hand knotted handwoven or hand tufted . Metal and wood handicrafts , hand made poufs and pillows too are made in the finest natural and environmentally sustainable materials under strict quality control.
Our products are unique – combining craftsmanship and creativity to produce pieces that are original, beautiful and will last for generations. In an increasingly mass produced world, we are proud to be part of a highly skilled artisan tradition.
We in our manufacturing use not only the best raw materials but also adhere to the best respect for the working conditions of our weavers. Our values and know-how allow us to offer modern carpets, rugs, handicrafts and soft furnishings of exceptional quality, originality and creativity in the choicest of raw materials and finishes.

Discover Carpets with Sea Sky Exports, the best way to beautify your home!